Monday, May 17, 2021

Yoga Poses for Those Sculpted Abs!

Summary: Yoga is a practice that is mental, spiritual, social, and physical. The breathing and posture exercises help in strengthening, flexibility and toning of muscles. There are various exercises to help the body with specific needs. Here are 8 asanas described to help you achieve well-defined abs.An Introduction to Yoga – What...

Self-Care in the Second Wave of COVID-19

What is self-care?
Have you been spending too much time on social media? Has your sleep cycle taken a hit once again? Have you been consulting a lot of news of late? Do you feel a sense of Déjà vu since the last lockdown? If you have said yes to at least one of these...

All You Need to Know About Calorie Deficit Diet

Calculating Calorie Deficit
SummaryIn India’s ever-growing fitness industry, most young adults are looking for ways to lose weight. With many opinions regarding various weight loss methods, a calorie deficit diet has been a commonly suggested method by a majority of experts. In this article, we will talk about what a calorie deficit diet is? How does...

How to Stay Sane if You are Quarantining Alone?

Take care of your body
By now there has been enough chatter about the people quarantined at home with the stressors of partners, spouses, roommates or kids. But what about those who have been braving this storm alone? People who live or may have to quarantine alone and for whom the lockdown orders have caused limited activity...

What is Proning and How Does it Help with COVID-19 Patients?

Place one pillow below the neck
SARS-CoV-2 virus causes pneumonia that is identified through fever, dyspnea, acute respiratory symptoms and named COVID-19. This disease exacerbates in a number of patients and causes pulmonary edema, multi-organ failure, and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Prevalence of ARDS among COVID-19 patients has been reported to be up to 17%. Among the introduced...

10 Healthy Quinoa Recipes for You to Try!

10 Healthy Quinoa Recipes You Should Try!
Summary: Quinoa is a crop that has recently found its popularity in various healthy nutrition plans. High in fiber, whole in texture, this versatile plant has lent itself to serve as a substitute to many pulses and rice while being a great addition to soups and salads. Here are 10 healthy and...

How to Handle Caregiver Burnout During the Pandemic?

What is caregiver burnout?
SummaryThere are many forms of burnout. Caregiver burnout arises when you are providing constant support and assistance to a receiver who is ailing, suffering from chronic illness, or has any form of disability. This pandemic has led people to quickly assume the role of a caregiver with limited resources at disposable. This article...

Healthy Grocery to Stock up on During the Second Wave of Covid-19

10 Foods you must stock up on during the second wave of COVID-19
Use this shopping list of fresh, frozen, and dried food items to stock up for surviving the second lockdown due to the second wave of COVID-19.The coronavirus pandemic taught us a lot about the need to prepare for an emergency. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, people are scrambling to stock up...

12 Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber

Nutritional Facts of Cucumber
Summary: Enjoy the hot summer days by keeping your body well-hydrated with the help of fresh cucumbers. As an added benefit, lose weight and prevent chronic ailments at the same time.Doctors often advise you to remain hydrated. They ask you to drink adequate amounts of water that will keep your body healthy...

How to be Resilient with the Second Wave of COVID-19?

Understanding Resilience
We will not say “this too shall pass” because we understand that this is not an easy situation to deal with once again. But we are here for you. This article will help you with the much-needed mental health essentials that will help you brave through home quarantine once again. Keep scrolling...
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